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Great Place to Work® Institute rewards companies which creates difference with their corporate culture and exceptional employee experience. This year as well, for the sixth time now, we've been a “Great Place to Work”. But something else was very special for us this year. We care about our colleagues and their well-being, try to provide them a workplace they can comfort, enjoy and find a fine balance between their work and personal life. So happy to share that we’ve also been awarded with Great Place to Work Wellbeing Special Award this year in addition to our success at the Turkey’s Best Employer’s List.

Well-being encompasses many different elements, from happiness, joy, contentment, excitement, wonder, and calmness. It also includes good physical health and positive, meaningful social relationships and connections. Well-being is a state of being comfortable, healthy or happy and is like a wheel of different areas of our lives. These various pillars move together. If any area is out of balance, life won’t flow, and we don't feel right in ourselves. There are many factors that can affect our well-being. These include exercise, diet, sense of belonging, social relationships, career, self-care, spirituality, money, where we live, sense of purpose, etc. So, well-being is much broader than how happy we are.

With our Integrated Health program, we aim to support our employees' physical, mental, financial, social and emotional well-being level systematically and to inform them on different issues in order to provide them with better care.

Within the scope of the program, we have implemented different applications. In addition to our regular pilates and fitness classes, we have started meditation sessions. They took place at lunch break every week. We have formed a sports ambassadors group. They were selected among gym, yoga, pilates regulars. We’ve informed them with a little surprise, send them a gift to their homes. They act as promoters of healthier behavior and tried to increase the number of sports class attendees.

On the other hand, within the scope of mental health, which we have focused primarily on, we offered Psychological Counseling to our employees with Clinical Psychologist Sandy Kohen. Previously, we were organizing online seminars with Sandy Kohen to introduce her to our employees, to raise awareness about mental health and talk about mindfulness. In order to maintain the positive effects of being together and sharing on social health, we have planned monthly communication meetings. Formed various social clubs, from hiking to music, from scuba to sailing. Many more are on their way! In addition to all these, at this challenging time where healthy nutrition is more important than ever, we initiated a dietitian program and started to work with Expert Dietician Seba Sarıtepe. We know that healthy nutrition is not important for just physical wellbeing, but also very important in terms of mental wellbeing.

Organik Kimya

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